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Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council

Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council

Planning Applications

All applications for planning are considered at meetings of the Planning Committee.

Below is a statement of objection from the Parish Council regarding the proposed development of land to the rear of 18 Salford Road, Bidford:

Applications considered on 13 February 2012


Mrs C Hamson
T. Ladbrooke Jig and Tool, The Bank, B50 4NL
Redevelopment of redundant workshops to provide 4 no. two storey terraced houses.
Members considered the points raised by members of the public present, but could not see any material planning considerations to object. It therefore RESOLVED to make No Representation.

Mr Jonathan Spence
The Old Coach House, Mill Lane, Broom
Provision of a solid fuel stove in existing dining room within a new chimney breast and external brick chimney on the east elevation. Repair and maintenance of existing oak timbers.
RESOLVED No Representation

Mr and Mrs William Urquart
66 Victoria Road, B50 4AR
Raise existing roof level to from new bedrooms in roof space with bathroom and new staircase.
RESOLVED to object on the following grounds: It will raise the height of the building by approx. 2,5M above the neighbouring buildings; It is out of keeping with the street scene.

A Dean
The Yealms, 7 High Street, Broom
First floor extension over an existing flat roof rear element
RESOLVED to object on the ground the extension is overbearing.

Mr Richard Williams
97 High Street, B50 4BG
T1 – Holly: reshape reducing 30%; T2 – Holly: reshape reducing 15%; T3 – Plum: reshape reducing 20%; T4 – Ash: reduce by 30% and reduce crown; T5,6,7,8,9,10 – Conifers x 6: fell; T11 – Ash: Fell
Members considered the number of trees to be felled and RESOLVED to request Warn Members to ask for an inspection of T11: Ash before a decision was made.

Mr James Wilson
The Old Railway Yard, Waterloo Road
Variation of condition 3 of planning permission 09/02285/VARY [Deletion of condition 1 (4 year temporary permission) of planning permission no. 09/00076/FUL site for 6 gypsy families] to increase the number of pitches from 6 to 10 with a total of 20 caravans (10 single unit static homes and 10 touring caravans) and associated works.
After some consideration, the Council RESOLVED to object for the following grounds: Increase from 6 to 10 pitches is considered as overdevelopment of this site; There is insufficient space on the site to accommodate 10 pitches and this overdevelopment will not allow amenity space for the children to play safely and will therefore be contrary to the government guidelines for gypsy and traveller sites; The increase will not allow sufficient space for vehicles and mobiles to turn in safety.

For Information

Mrs K Kawai, 82 St Laurence Way
Confirmation of permitted development.

Miss Anita Casley, 17 Wilkes Way, B50 4QA

Applications considered on 10 October 2011


Mrs Diane Cullum
6 Scott Close, B50 4HY
Erection of car port to side
No Representation

Mr Andrew Dauncey
4 The Farriers, High Street, Broom
Single storey extension
No Representation

For Information

Mr Spencer Shaw, 18 Cleeve Road, Marlcliff

Mr and Mrs David Timms, The Old Vicarage, 13 High Street, B50 4BQ

CGH Property Partnership, 4 Crompton Avenue, B50 4DG

Royal Life Saving Society, River House, High Street, Broom
Granted for a period of 5 years

Mr James Sratham, The Malt House, Bidford Road, Broom

Miss Debra Timms, 3 Orchard Close, B50 4BT

Bidford on Avon Baptist Church, Avon House, Bidavon Industrial Estate, Waterloo Road

Applications considered on 8 August 2011


Mr James Stratham
The Malt House, Bidford Road, B50 4HH
Removal of leylandii trees for replacement of beech tree hedgerow and proposed garden wall.
RESOLVED: to support the removal of leylandii and their replacement with a hedgerow native to this area.

Miss Debra Timms
3 Orchard Close, B50 4BT
Erection of conservatory to side of dwelling house.
RESOLVED: No representation.

For Information

Mr James Stratham, The Malt House, Bidford Road

Miss Sarah Baker, 1 Cox Close, B50 4EF

L Kelly, Newbold, 1 Mill Lane, Broom

Mrs K Bristow, Bentleys Kings Lane Broom

Applications considered on 11 July 2011


R S Brookhouse Engineering (Evesham)
Moor Hall Farm. Wixford B49 6DL
Full planning permission for the erection of the storage/workshop building; external storage of machinery; associated engineering and landscaping works; provision of car parking and turning facilities; and temporary storage of area to north of exiting building.
RESOLVED: to object for the following reasons: Concern was expressed that this is, essentially, an agricultural area (Moor Hall Farm) and that this application would require extensive industrial development which the Parish Council considered inappropriate, especially when there is industrial land available within the area; Access road to the site is unsuitable for the size, and number, of vehicles entering and exiting the site; the proposed landscaping would take many years to develop abd mature to fulfill its purpose: to screen the site and mitigate the visual impact.

R S Brookhouse Engineering (Evesham) Ltd
Moor Hall Farm, Wixford B49 6DL
Outline planning application for the relocation of the existing bungalow and stables required in connection with proposed development on existing site by R.S. Brookhouse Engineering.
RESOLVED: Members felt unable to comment for the following reasons: Having objected to planning application 11/01403/FUL, members felt the stable complex should remain in situ and not transfer to this site; There was insufficient topographic information of the site to enable a proper consideration of the visual impact the new building could have.

The Royal Lifesaving Society
River House, High Street, Broom
Erection of three non illuminated flag poles and flags.
RESOLVED: No representation.

Miss Sarah Baker
1 Cox Close, B50 4EF
Single storey extension to front of garage with new porch and pitched roof.
RESOLVED: No representation.

Mrs K Bristow
Bentleys, Kings Lane, Broom B50 4HB
Proposed detached annex.
RESOLVED: To object for the following reason: The Council considers this overdevelopment and contrary to Policy CTY.1 which states that "all forms of development in the countryside, other than those in accordance with provisions elsewhere in the Local Plan, will generally be resisted in order to preserve its character and to ensure that resources are protected".

Mr P Scully
Avon Farm, Welford Road, Barton
Erection of replacement barn.
RESOLVED: To make the following comments: ensure the new build is sympathetic with its surroundings; hedge must be retained, or replaced by the same type of hedge if damaged, to mitigate the visual impact.

British Telecommunications Plc
Salford Road, B50 4EH
Installation of external services cable containment bridge (in connection with the installation of a new broadband infrastructure)
RESOLVED: No representation.

For Information

P Harvey, Famington Farm, Georges Elm Lane
Granted with conditions.

Mr Dean Boswell, Land between Harvest Camp and Vine Cottage, Mill Lane, Broom
Application has been withdrawn.

Mr and Mrs J Smith 46 Tower Hill, B50 4DY

Applications considered on 13 June 2011


Mr Clive Woodward
50 Grafton Lane, B50 4DX
Replace porch and increase height of garage
RESOLVED: support as I improves the street scene.

Mr Perminder Singh Chaggar
The Coach House, Quinneys Lane, B50 4JL
Proposed demolition of existing building and erection of 1no two bedroom dwelling house.
RESOLVED: no representation.

Mr and Mrs John Smith
46 Tower Hill,B50 4DY
Demolition of dilapidated porch and erection of rear extension to from garage room.
RESOLVED: No representation.

Mr Daniel Broadhurst
Bidford Grange Golf Club, Stratford Road, B50 4LY
Variation of condition 3 on S88/02423 to allow use as serviced apartments.
RESOLVED No representation.

Mrs Sally Robinson
22 Steppes Piece, B50 4AT
Single storey side extension.
RESOLVED No representation.

For Information

Mr Richard Smith, Oosland Barn, Honeybourne Road, B50 4DU

Mrs M Walker, 16 The Bank, Marlcliff B50 4NT

Bidford on Avon C of E Primary School, Bramley Way, B50 4QH

The Royal British Legion, High street B50 4AD
Illuminate existing fascia sign.

Applications considered on 10 May 2011


Mr D Broadhurst
Bidford Grange Golf Club, B50 4LY
Change of use from part golf course (D2)/agricultural land to holiday complex (sui-generis). Erection of 25 log cabins (letting purposes) and associated new internal access roads, car parking and landscaping.
RESOLVED to support for the following reason: The Parish Council actively supports businesses in the village and it believes that the erection of 25 log cabins for letting purposes will mean more people visiting and using the facilities of Bidford-on-Avon, Barton and Broom.

CGH Property Partnership
4 Crompton Avenue, B50 4DG
Construction of 2 no. 2 bedroom flats together with associated works.
RESOLVED No representation

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Meeting Dates

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