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Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council

Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council

Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning Event, 23 Nov 2013.

The Localism Act, which received its Royal Assent on 15 November 2011 "sets out a series of measures with the potential to achieve a substantial and lasting shift in power away from central government and towards local people." (Greg, Clark MP Minister of State for Decentralization).

Neighbourhood Planning is a new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and/or work. Where they want new homes, shops, offices. What they should look like. When they should be built.

The Plan will influence the future of Bidford-on-Avon parish, including Barton, Broom and Marlcliff – homes, jobs, transport, etc. so it is important that ALL participate to ensure future Bidford is what the Bidford community want it to be.

Neil Pearce, a planning consultant, made a great presentation at a meeting on 24 November which can be read below.

You may also wish to visit the Stratford-upon-Avon Neighbourhood Plan site - - to obtain more information as to what is required and what can be delivered.

Further information will be posted on this site.

The documents, notices or events below are set out in chronological order, most recent first.

Meeting Notes

The notes below are from the Steering Group Meeting held on Wednesday 25 March 2015:

Meeting Notes

The notes below are from the Steering Group Meeting held on Thursday 3 March 2015:

Neighbourhood Plan Parish Survey Results

Here are the results of the Neighbourhood Plan surveys - to parishioners and to businesses - carried out in January and Februarey 2015:

Involving the Community

The aim of the Neighbourhood Development plan is to produce a community led legal document, and the involvement of members of the community is vital. The posters and banners below were placed around the village in January 2015 to alert residents to the upcoming survey and to the NDP in general.


Strategic Environmental Assessment of the NDP

The screening report below was prepared in November 2014 to determine whether the Bidford-on-Avon Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) should be subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The report recommends that the Bidford-on-Avon Neighbourhood Development Plan should be screened in to the SEA process.

Meeting Notes

The notes below are from the Steering Group Meeting held on Thursday 7 August 2014, together with reports from sub-groups that were submitted for the meeting:

Meeting Notes

The notes below are from the Steering Group Meeting held on Thursday 3 July 2014, together with reports from sub-groups that were submitted for the meeting:

Bidford Core Strategy

This is Stratford-on-Avon District Council's proposed Core Strategy for Bidford-on-Avon, dated 12 May 2014:

The BIG Paper Article

A page from the April 2014 edition of The BIG Paper, which announces a meeting held on Monday 7 April 2014 (see photos of the event here) dedicated to the Bidford-on-Avon Neighbourhood Plan and the future of the parish. The page also gives lots of information about what Neighbourhood Plans are, why they really matter to residents, and how you can get involved with the project.

Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide

This guide is for all those involved in, or thinking about, producing a Neighbourhood Plan, and for those who are just curious to find out more. Whilst other guides are predominantly concerned with the legislation and process, we have attempted, wherever possible, to include guidance on good practice and worksheets for carrying out each part of the plan:

Kirkwells Neighbourhood Planning News

A newsletter from Kirkwells, with information on Neighbourhood Planning across the country:

Letter from Nick Boles MP

The letter below was sent by Nick Boles MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Planning) to to Christ Borg of the National Association of Local Councils on 22 November 2013, clarifying the position of Neighbourhood Plans where a local authority's Local Plan is emerging.

Designation of Neighbourhood Area

The letter below was sent by the Parish Council to Stratford District Council on 19 November 2013, requesting the designation of the whole of Bidford-on-Avon Parish as a Neighbourhood Area.

Community Development Foundation Grant Acknowledgement

Bidford on Avon Parish Council is delighted to advise that it has been successful in obtaining a grant from the Community Development Fund, for an amount of £6,750 to cover some of the costs involved in producing a Neighbourhood Plan.

The funds are being allocated to the costs of employing a Planning Consultant and the production and analysis of questionnaires.

The Parish Council wishes to acknowledge the assistance and support provided by Hannah Barter, from Urban Design Enterprise, who was appointed by the Community Development Fund, to assist in giving advise and preparing for Neighbourhood Plan. She has been of great help to the Steering Group: her deep knowledge of the subject, her direct and community spirited approach and her dedication have been greatly appreciated.

Neighbourhood Plan

Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council is preparing its Neighbourhood Plan and, as required, has sent in its request for designation of the Bidford-on-Avon Neighbourhood area. You can read details of this on the Stratford-on-Avon District Council website (external link).

Neighbourhood Development Plans Presentation

A presentation by Neil Pearce, dated 24 November 2011, on the implications of the Localism Act and Neighbourhood Development Plans, on behalf of Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council.

B50 Parish Plan

The parish council's previous action plan, called the B50 Parish Plan, which was put together between 2000 to 2003 can be read below:

Have Your Say

Your opinions are important.

You have been given a unique opportunity to have a say in the future of Bidford-on-Avon – please don't waste it!

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